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What to do if you have a paranormal experience

Ghosts & Spirits               

Even though haunting-type events can be a bit scary, bear in mind that approximately 90% of all hauntings can be explained by natural occurrences.

Even if your case is one of the few that involves genuine phenomena, donít panic. Contrary to what you may have seen on TV, ghosts and spirits cannot harm you. View ghosts in the same manner you would view any other human being.

When a ghost or spirit shows up, there is usually a reason. Therefore, it helps to acknowledge the spirit by speaking out to him or her just as you would when a benevolent stranger shows up at your door. Firmly and directly let the spirit know that he or she is trespassing on your property without permission (this is a boundary violation). Do not become emotional nor show fear. Tell the spirit that you are not in a position to help and that you respectfully demand that he or she leaves your home immediately. You may need to repeat your demand if the activity does not subside. Again, vocalize your demands firmly, directly, and without fear or anger.

If the paranormal activity persists, you may need the help of qualified and professional paranormal investigators who can verify and resolve the activity.

UFO Sightings   

As with other paranormal phenomena, the vast majority of UFO sightings can be explained by natural occurrences. Try to rule out stars, aircraft, freak cloud formations, promotional and advertising blimps, balloons, and other types of natural phenomena.

If you have seen something strange, record the details of your sighting. Be sure to record the direction the object was going, the event duration, the time of day/night, the approximate angle in the sky, and the shape of the object.

Try to sketch the shape of the object as best you can while the sighting is still fresh in your mind. To the extent possible, do not discuss your sighting with any other witnesses before investigators have an opportunity to interview everyone. If you do not personally know other witnesses, try to get their contact info in the event investigators want to get their perspective.

Apparition - A manifestation of the deceased human or animal. Better known as a ghost.

Demonic Spirit- An entity from the devil that is or was of this earth. They have the capability of human possession, and the strength greater than any creature. Demonic spirits are distinguished by their dark, or black masses of psychic energy.

Ectoplasm- A form of psychic energy which usually seems as a fog like mist, solid white mass, or vortexes.

ESPCommunication by other than the physical senses.


Ghost- The disembodied spirit of a dead person appearing to be alive. Ghosts are the most common of the paranormal phenomenon.


Haunting- A ghost that returns to the same place is said to haunt a home, business, or property. A ghost usually haunts places, not people.


Orbs- This is the most common type of spirit energy to be captured on film. These will appear as solid or transparent "balls". These are normally confused with Moisture, Dust and Bugs.  They appear in many shapes and some colors, with white being the most common.


Paranormal- Beyond human or scientific explanation.


Phantom- An apparition existing only as an energy form.


Poltergeist- The name of unexplained noises and disturbances. Poltergeists can break fragile items and set fire to pieces of furniture or clothing.  This comes from German Meaning Noisy Ghost.


Vortex-   Seen in photographs as a streak across the photo these are believed to be gateways to the other realm.